Wrapped USD


Wrapped USD is a governance-free, immutable, multi-fiatcoin wrapper for the 6 USD fiatcoins — USDT, USDC, BUSD, USDP, TUSD, and GUSD.
Why indeed. Wrapped USD is an absurdist response to the current normal where this and this are known as, and continue to unashamedly market themselves as, "decentralized stablecoins" rather than fiatcoin wrappers despite being critically dependent on trivially and willingly censorable fiatcoins. Is there a limit to this bastardization of "decentralized"?
Enter WUSD. It just wraps your fiatcoins with none of the shenanigans. Don't forget to check out the Memeparison for why you might choose one over the other!



  • WUSD: wrapping token that accepts any of the 6 USD fiatcoins
  • Glove: incentive token earned for wrapping and running a frontend
  • Collector: Glove liquidity manager and system service fees recipient
  • Frontender: frontend registration and referral manager/tracker


  • WUSETHer: liquidity mining contract that gives GLO credit for providing WUSD-WETH liquidity on Uniswap
  • Provisioner: liquidity mining contract that gives GLO credit for providing GLO-USDT and/or GLO-USDC liquidity on Uniswap
  • WUSory: liquidity mining contract factory that allows anyone to create WUSD-[TOKEN] liquidity mining contracts which give GLO credit
These components are entirely immutable and governance-free.
Last modified 8mo ago