Wrapped USD

Glove (GLO)

Glove (GLO) is the incentive token for Wrapped USD and also the first implementation of a Utility Credit token.
All service fees in Wrapped USD, and trading fees from the GLO Uniswap pools (mentioned below), go towards GLO (managed by the Collector)


Earning — and being able to transact — GLO is simple: utilize the system. The avenues for earning GLO, and/or its "utility credit" meta-currency are:
  • wrapping a USD fiatcoin for WUSD
  • referrals/running a frontend for relevant contracts
  • providing WUSD-WETH liquidity on Uniswap v3 via the WUSETHer
  • providing GLO-USDT and/or GLO-USDC liquidity on Uniswap v3 via the Provisioner
  • providing WUSD-[TOKEN] liquidity on Uniswap v3 via a WUSer created with the WUSory
Naturally, these aren't mutually exclusive options.
If you don't know what "utility credit" means, you should read more read more here


GLO is initially distributed via a claimdrop and a wrapdrop.
  • deployers: 420 GLO
  • claim/wrap-drop: ~1066 GLO (total)
  • GLO-USDT Uni v3 Pool: ~1337 GLO
  • GLO-USDC Uni v3 Pool: ~1337 GLO
  • gas-saving contract seeding: 3 GLO
New GLO is earned exclusively by using and/or enabling the usage of Wrapped USD.
Wrapped USD is immutable, governance-free, complete, and there is no "treasury"