Wrapped USD
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WUSers, created by the WUSory, are essentially WUSETHer replicas. Each individual replica functions identically but for two differences:
  • it isn't paired with WETH but some other token defined at creation time
  • it must be recharged every 30 days to continue granting GLO credit
Only ever interact with WUSer instances from the WUSory


Assume any function not explicitly mentioned here is exactly the same as the WUSETHer, taking into consideration the aforementioned differences.

dischargestamp ()

Returns the timestamp past which the WUSer will stop granting GLO credit.

tokens ()

Returns the addresses of the pair tokens — token0 and token1 — for which the WUSer instance provides liquidity.
In each WUSer instance, one of these will always be the address of WUSD. The other, as defined by address sort order, will be the pair token for the Uniswap v3 liquidity pool.
token0 and token1 correspond to the addable0 and addable1 parameters used in the instance

recharge ()

The function, callable only by the WUSory, that's used to recharge the WUSer instance.