Wrapped USD
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The Collector is a simple, immutable, governance- and management-free contract that receives all service fees in Wrapped USD. It's connected to Uniswap v3 and maintain GLO's liquidity in the form of GLO-USDT and GLO-USDC pools (both of the 1% fee tier).


Easily the simplest contract in the system, the Collector has only two functions.

status ()

This returns the last _epoch and next _token to be used in the buy-back and liquidity re-add.

use (referrer)

Executes the buyback-and-liquidity-readd via referrer's frontend, compensating the caller with 100 _token.
Address of registered frontend enabling the interaction or the 0 address
The referral units earned by the referrer is
  • 100K if executed as soon as possible where WUSD.snapshot().epoch - _epoch = 1
  • 25K if more than 1 epoch had passed before it was executed
As such, it represents the second most effective means to earn GLO credit for frontend runners, second to enabling wrapping.
  • Can only be called by non-contracts
  • Can only be called when WUSD.snapshot().epoch > _epoch
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