Wrapped USD
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Like Liquity, running a frontend for Wrapped USD is incentivized. Runners earn "referral units" for every transaction occurring through their frontend. This is managed by the Frontender.
All the contracts you need to interface with are verified on Etherscan. Non-obvious key entry points will be explained the following pages.


By calling register().
After approving the Frontender to spend your USDT, you can register() your runner address, paying a 100 USDT service fee. In return, your address gets credited with an amount of GLO up to a cap of 2 GLO per registered address i.e. you will only get at most 2 GLO, and you get nothing if the address already has that amount or more.
You will earn referral units (that can convert to GLO credit) for every transaction that occurs via your frontend.
You cannot register() an address that has an active WUSD wrap()


By calling deregister().
A frontend can be deregistered at anytime. By deregistering, earned referral units are converted to GLO credit at a rate of 1% per 100K referral units and claimed. Any uncredited GLO in the wallet will be forfeited.
  • Deregistering forfeits any uncredited GLO in the wallet
  • Trying to deregister() an address that has an active WUSD wrap() will fail